Winter walks at RHS Wisley

RHS Wisley

Last week I left work early on a Friday afternoon to go and explore RHS Wisley. Despite living about 25 minutes away from Wisley, I’ve never actually been. The last couple of years I’ve been meaning to go to check out their butterflies in the greenhouse but by the time I get round to it, it’s been too late!

So when I was invited to go and experience a Winter walk around the gardens and learn more about how they plan and adapt for the Winter season, I jumped at the chance.

RHS Wisley

The first thing that impressed me on the Winter walk was the fact that it was snowing! It definitely gave the experience a Wintery feel, even though it was bitterly cold. We were led round the walk by the curator, I think his name was Matt?, who talked through the changes they made to the planting so that there’s plenty to see even in the Winter.

RHS Wisley


Walking around the gardens the main thing that struck me was just how colourful the gardens were, even without all the flowers in bloom. Some flowers were just coming through, including the very seasonal, snowdrops.RHS Wisley

However, what really made the colour pop was all the different branches, which, when blended together, looked truly stunning. Even on the greyest of snowy days. There were silvers, mixed reds, yellows, oranges and vibrants greens.

When reflected against the lake it was an incredible sight. And definitely not one I expected to see at the beginning of February.

RHS Wisley

I’m someone who knows absolutely nothing about gardening. So, I was really surprised at the amount of colour they have been able to achieve at RHS Wisley, even in the Winter. It has made me look again at my own garden, which has been basically untouched since we moved in back in August. Whilst not as vibrant as Wisley, I have got a few different colours to look at!

I always thought gardens aren’t really something to look at and look after during the Winter. But the walk around RHS Wisley has proved me wrong. I feel like I only scratched the surface on the small amount I saw compared to what the whole site has to offer, and I will definitely be back in the not too distant future.

RHS WIsley

Even on a cold, grey day, there’s something lovely about wrapping up warm and heading out for some fresh air for a few hours on a long walk. Especially before heading home for something warming – preferably ¬†slow cooker meal that’s ready and waiting for you!

Find out more about the Winter walk here and here. And Find out more about RHS Wisley here.


This post is not sponsored. I was invited along by the press team for the day but felt I had to share all my photos with you all!

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  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    We had some of those red twigs in our old house, but the garden in our new house is very boring- loads of bushes of the same plant, not much variety and no spring flowers at all (no daffodils or snowdrops or anything)- its not been our priority but I am looking forward to gradually adding more colour.
    That photo of the lake is beautiful.

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