What races am I running next?

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There’s nothing like signing up for a race to make you feel motivated and start training again. So after a couple of month’s off from running (Nov 6 to mid Jan), I’ve done exactly that.

Eastbourne half

This one is fairly local to me and looks like a nice out and back course along the coast. Apart from a large looking hill between 2.5 and 5 miles it looks relatively flat and I’m looking forward to the race. Plus it’s a nice late start at 10am and relatively cheap to enter! Any recommendations for brunch (or lunch in my case!) afterwards would be greatly received!

Paddock Wood half

Another one that’s about an hour from home, so not too bad to get up early in the morning before the race. I’ve heard great things about Paddock Wood, and I think it’s supposedly a PB course, but I’m doubtful (personally)! It’s about a month after Eastbourne half, so I’ve got one month to get my act in gear after the race. However, I am going out with the girls the day before and a bottomless brunch has been suggested, which may end up in disaster!

Other races…

I’ve also registered for the Royal Parks ballot and the Great North Run ballot, so perhaps I’ll do one of those. In the Autumn I’d also like to run the Reigate half marathon again as it’s so local to me and it’s a great race.

Also – since when did half marathons get so expensive? I read somewhere that Hackey half is over £50, Royal Parks is £55 I think and so many of them are around the £39+ point. Another reason I chose both Paddock Wood and Eastbourne is because they were both around the £20 mark to register, meaning I can run two for the cost of one in some other places. Why are races getting so expensive?

As I mentioned in my 2017 goals post, I’d like to get a half marathon PB this year. I certainly don’t think I’ll be getting a PB at either of the two races I’ve signed up for, but it gives me a good benchmark to know how much I need to improve for the Autumn.

What races have you signed up for? Anything I should consider?

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  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    They sound like good options- Eastbourne sounds a lot like the Brighton half- mainly flat but a hill early on.
    I am most looking forward to a half I am running with my dad, and then the wings for life run- no idea how far I will run that day!

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