Redhill’s new burger joint – Dexter Burger

It seems like there’s a new place to eat popping up around the Redhill/Reigate area every few weeks. Normally there’s a big hype about the new place, it’s ridiculously hard to get in for the first few weeks (until the next new place opens), and when you do get there, it’s just pretty average. So despite seeing fantastic reviews of Dexter Burger at the Pendleton in Redhill, I had my reservations.

However, as today is National Burger Day, I thought it fitting to share my experience with you from last Sunday evening. Four of us headed to Dexter Burger at the Pendleton after a long drive (my Parents) and a weekend of DIY (James and I).

Bottle of Crumbs larger

When we walked in we were greeted by friendly staff who seated us and sorted our drinks. I loved they served Crumbs, a local beer made in Reigate. The lovely girl who served us particularly made my Mum’s day after complimenting her nails, it was a really nice touch.

The menu is simple but you don’t really need anything more when it comes to burgers – beef, chicken, veggie and a special (Sunday is their epic-looking Sunday roast burger). You can opt for burgers to be topped with cheese, bacon, pulled pork or onion relish, and all are served in a brioche bun. Standard chips were sea salt and rosemary but you could chose to upgrade to something else if you fancied it.

Dexter Burger, Pendleton

Dexter Burger, Pendleton

Dexter Burger, Pendleton

I’m afraid to say that my family and I are all pretty boring, and very similar! Mum, Dad and I all had the beef burger with cheese, while James went for cheese and pulled pork. All of us were incredibly impressed with our burgers, they were up there with some of the best I’ve ever had.

Fries wise, I upgraded to truffle and parmesan fries, Dad upgraded to pulled pork topped fries and James and Mum stuck with the standard ones. Again, all were really tasty, but I particularly liked the rosemary and sea salt ones, I’d definitely have those again.

We also all decided to share a side of mac ‘n’ cheese, because, well, who can resist mac ‘n’ cheese? Again, this hit the spot and was just the right level of melty cheesiness.

Dessert at Dexter Burger

Dessert at Dexter Burger

Pudding wise, there were limited choices. Nothing really stuck out at me, but James enjoyed a banoffee pie which I tried and tasted good, and Dad had a brownie, which I’m told was also very good.

So in all, is Dexter Burger at the Pendleton worth all the hype?

One word – Yes.

The food did not disappoint, the service was really good, and James and I are already planning our return. Welcome to¬†Redhill¬†Dexter, I hope you’ll be around for a long time to come.

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