Why I had a digital detox

Offline is the new luxury quote

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You may (or may not!) have noticed that things have been pretty quiet both on here and on any of my social media profiles. The reason for this? I decided I needed to take a bit of a break and have a bit of a detox from all things digital.


I found myself spending more and more time on my phone and laptop, almost glued to it, and constantly checking it. I was getting more down each time I saw all these gorgeous, heavily edited photos, getting 100s of likes, and thinking, why can’t I have that? Other photos were making me think, why can’t my life be like that, why can’t I do that, look like that, etc. You know the story…

So I decided to completely remove the things that were making me feel bad about myself – instagram and Facebook. It was a strange feeling to uninstall the apps. At first I thought I would feel like I was missing out, but actually it felt like a massive relief.

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I found I didn’t really miss being on there and seeing what everyone was getting up to. Another benefit was I found that I took less photos and I looked at my phone a whole lot less too. I did miss sharing photos sometimes, but really I just sent photos to my friends instead.

Getting up in the mornings was easier as I wasn’t spending 10 minutes each morning scrolling through my phone. Likewise I felt like I got my evenings back too as I wasn’t endlessly and mindlessly scrolling through my phone.

In total I came off Facebook and Instagram for around a month. I’ve since reinstalled them both and have found that unless I’m mindful, it’s very easy to go back into old habits of just scrolling and getting down on yourself. If you find yourself getting down and spending hours on social media, without the the restraint just not to go on, I’d really recommend taking a digital detox. I think I’ll definitely be doing them again in the future, when old habits come back again!

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