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Stripes and Snapshots - Project Emma

I won’t go into the reasons why ‘Project Emma’ has come about now, it’s a bit of a wordy one and what I’ve already written on the subject needs some heavy editing. But long story short, I’m in need of a bit of a ‘Project Emma’. The idea behind ‘Project Emma’ is to make myself a priority and get some mojo back!

So what’s on my ‘Project Emma’ targets?

  • Cut sugary snacks and treats. Replace with healthy snacks and make sure I’m prepared when out and about
  • Start going to the gym more. I love my classes
  • Join a local running club
  • Sign up for a couple of 10K races…Nothing too ambitious just yet, although I am conscious I have got the Great North Run in Sept
  • Upping the veg intake
  • Earlier bedtimes
  • Plan easy, quick and healthy meals
  • Getting on top of the things that stress me out
  • Be kinder to myself. I love a good list and am forever making them. However, whilst this can make me feel organised, it also makes me feel super stressed that I’m not achieving what’s on there. Particularly when I have these grand plans for achieving the list and then I end up doing very little!
  • Cut the screen time. My phone is glued to me, particularly in the evenings. I need to stop mindlessly scrolling through my social feeds, going back and forth, waiting for one or the other to update. It’s not good for my self esteem to be on there as much as I am.

I’m conscious I set myself ambitious targets and a few of these are the stereotypical ‘new years’ type resolutions, but with where I’m currently at, I feel I need a bit of a project plan to get myself into gear! I’ll go more into the how I plan to do each goal in my next post as it’s already past my early bedtime as I type this!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Whatever the reason behind it, this is a fantastic idea! If you’re motivated to make changes by having a plan mapped out that’s awesome. And putting yourself right in the centre of your focus is no bad thing. Good luck with project Emma!
    M x

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