Project Emma :: the action plan

Project Emma

Thank you for all the positive feedback to my last post, setting out Project Emma. I wanted to give some more detail about how I plan to implement Project Emma. Mainly because of one of my favourite sayings – fail to plan, plan to fail.

Cut sugary snacks and treats. Replace with healthy snacks and make sure I’m prepared when out and about. 
I have stopped going to the shops to do my food shop and for the last couple of weeks have been ordering online. This has removed the temptation to pick up extra treats whilst browsing through the aisles! Not having it in the house is the first step. My next step is replacing the treats with something more healthy. Again, preparation is key here, so I need to be strict to ensure I pack snacks that are good for me and keep me occupied when I get a snack attack!

Start going to the gym more. I love my classes.
I’m often guilty of just not being bothered and staying in and watching the Good Wife instead! I think I need to have a little schedule to stick to working out which classes I want to go to and planning it out.

Join a local running club.
This one is already in progress! I have signed up with a local running group who are running a longer distance course, so once a week I’ll be gradually building up my miles to around 9 miles. I actually went for a taster last night and I really enjoyed it! It was a new route and somewhere I’ve never been before plus loads of really lovely people so I’m really looking foward to starting the course.

Sign up for a couple of 10K races…Nothing too ambitious just yet, although I am conscious I have got the Great North Run in Sept.
I’ve researched a few local races and I’ve found some I think I’m going to do, I just want to see how the my runs go with the local running club is going before I fix on any dates.

Upping the veg intake.
I am planning to keep at least 1/3 of my evening and lunch meals as veggies. I’ve been making sure to buy lots of frozen veg in the last couple of weeks so it’s never more than 10 mins from being ready.

Earlier bedtimes.
This one is a bit more tricky. Often when James is watching football I’ll go and watch Netflix or YouTube and get sucked into a vortex of mindless videos! I want to get into a habit of reading in the evenings and not watching so much TV.

Plan easy, quick and healthy meals.
Again, the online food shops are helping here! For a time I was a bit pretentious about cooking these elaborate meals every evening. And then I went through a stage of eating tuna and tilda rice. Neither of which are the best for my diet. Now I’ve planned some easy meals like frozen fish that can be cooked in 25 mins with lots of frozen veggies. I need to not get so worried I’m not cooking all these fancy meals all the time!

Getting on top of the things that stress me out.
I spent a good deal of time yesterday getting on top of my to do list as I’m pretty busy for the next few weeks. It felt good to tick off a few things that I’ve been meaning to do for weeks now!

Be kinder to myself. I love a good list and am forever making them. However, whilst this can make me feel organised, it also makes me feel super stressed that I’m not achieving what’s on there. Particularly when I have these grand plans for achieving the list and then I end up doing very little!
This one is going to take a lot of work. I get really stressed out when things don’t go the way I plan them to, so I’m not really sure how I’m going to do this one!

Cut the screen time. My phone is glued to me, particularly in the evenings. I need to stop mindlessly scrolling through my social feeds, going back and forth, waiting for one or the other to update. It’s not good for my self esteem to be on there as much as I am.
Another tough one for me, I think I’m addicted to my phone! I need to start leaving my phone in another room or something I think!

Based on my project, do you have any tips for me?

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