Podcasts I’m loving right now

Podcasts are having a real moment. Everyone’s either listening to them, or creating them. I’m definitely not creating any, but I definitely subscribe to quite a few so I thought I’d share a few that I’ve discovered and enjoyed.

Run Selfie Repeat
I can’t believe I only discovered Kelly recently after seeing her featured in the new Strava campaign, #athletesunfiltered. Thanks to a few days decorating I’ve already caught up on a fair amount of her podcasts and I love them. Kelly really speaks so passionately about self belief, self worth, and being the best you. I love the messages Kelly is putting out there with her podcast. After only listening to a couple, she’s got me feeling so inspired I started googling Spring marathons that were still open!

At home with
I’m a big fan of Anna’s blog and YouTube channel, The Anna Edit. So when I heard she was launching a podcast with her partner in crime, Lily Pebbles, I had high hopes. So far there are only ten episodes so listen to, each one featuring a guest whose home they have a nose round. The guests are all successful business women with great stories about how they got to where they are now. My faves are Madeleine Shaw and Liz Earle. Hopefully they will make a second season…

This podcast has a bit of a cult stats in the podcast world. After hearing a lot about it James and I listened to the whole thing during a weekend of driving down to see my parents. We were so intrigued by the story of John, and couldn’t quite work out if it was real of fiction. Turns out, it is a true story and it had us hooked. The podcast¬†follows a story of mystery and an unfinished ending. It had both James and I wondering what really happened. Great for long journeys or long runs!

Tough Girl Challenges
This podcast has got me through many, many hours of marathon training. The host, Sarah, interviews inspirational women who have achieved amazing things. These women have achieved things such as running fast marathons, running ultra marathons, cycling crazy distances, climbing mountains, exploring amazing places, and generally just being bad ass. When you’re running long distances and need a huge hit of inspiration and motivation to keep you putting one foot in front of the other, this podcast will do exactly that.

Ok, so if you’re into podcasts, you will have listened to Serial. There’s no way to escape it. In a similar vein to Serial, this podcast follows real-life convicted for murder, Richard Nicholas. It explores whether he had a fair trial, and if there is more to the story than what happened during his trial. If you enjoyed Serial, I expect you’ll like this. It’s still coming out on a week-by-week basis, and you’re bound to hear some familiar names – Christina Gutierrez anyone? I doubt we’ll find out what really happened, but the way Brooke tells Richard’s story makes me want to keep listening.¬†

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