January highlights

So in January I definitely did not make my resolution of posting twice a week! It has been a busy month, so I thought I’d share a few of my January highlights.

The Pudding Pantry, Nottingham

Girly weekends away

January is notoriously a long month and it feels like forever until payday! So my girlfriends and I thought ahead and scheduled in a weekend away in Nottingham for the middle of the month. It was the loveliest, chilled weekend. We got up late, had a mooch around the shops, went to the fantastic Pudding Pantry for lunch and bubbles, mooched some more. Then we got our nails done, got dressed up and went for a delicious tapas at Bar Iberico. And Sunday morning we were up early to see a 10.30am showing of Pitch Perfect 3 before heading home. Basically, my ideal weekend with my best friends.

The Greatest Showman

Cinema trips

In January I went to the cinema twice, which is pretty impressive considering I think that’s all I managed in the whole of 2017! I saw The Greatest Showman and then that same week managed to see Pitch Perfect 3. Pitch Perfect 3 was good but definitely not as good as the other two. The Greatest Showman however…I am obsessed! I bought the soundtrack on the walk back to my car from the cinema and I have pretty much been listening to it non-stop. If someone asked me if I wanted to go and see it again I definitely would!

Aiya Napa

Booking holidays

During my weekend getaway in Nottingham the girls and I finally decided on a location for our Summer holiday together. We’ll be heading to the South of France for just shy of a week for sunshine, wine, and good food. It marks 10 years since we went on our first holiday away together to Cyprus (as you can see from the fresh faced photo!) and I’m pretty sure it will be just as fun!

I’m also hoping to get a week in Cyprus in with James and possibly a girly weekend away to somewhere at some point too.



Getting back into fitness

In January I managed to fit in a fair few yoga classes and now have my ‘must do’ classes which I try and get to every week. I’ve also been trying out Insanity classes since December which are challenging but good fun. I’ve got a full post planned on my Insanity thoughts coming later this month, so if you have any questions on Insanity classes, just let me know!

January also marked my first tentative steps back into running since September 2017. I’m starting off slowly by following the couch 2 5K plan. It felt so great to be running again, even if it was slow and in short bursts! I had built it up in my head and I was so nervous to put on my trainers and head out on the pavement, but once I was out there all my fears disappeared. I’m even thinking of signing up for a 10K in March!

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