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Great photo-bombing action!

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Last week I took part in The Great City Race with some colleagues, which is a corporate 5K held in London one weekday evening. I’d been looking forward to the race for ages. I’m really lucky to have a great group of like minded run loving colleagues who are always up for a RUNch time session. There’s no competitiveness between us, just great energy, support and enthusiasm.

The race takes place within the ‘square mile’ and we got to run past some pretty cool sites, including the Bank of England, the Guildhall and St Paul’s. Getting to the race ahead of the 7.15 start time was very straight forward from work, and we had plenty of time to spare to meet up with friends, drop off our bags with a colleague who wasn’t running, and go to the plentiful portaloos.

There were four corrals, two for the super speedy amongst us (two from my work), a 19-27 minute corral, and then 27minute+. The remainder of us running headed into the slowest corral and discussed our goals for the race. Mine was simply to have fun and enjoy myself and the sights around, I didn’t even wear my Garmin!!

As the race started I decided to try and keep my two speedier colleagues in sight for as long as I could, knowing that I could push myself and that it would all be over within 30 minutes. The course was busy, with plenty of people walking and I had to keep weaving myself in and around people.

I kept my colleague s in sight for almost 2K, and then lost them as it got even busier along the course. I felt really good as I kept running and wondered if I could achieve somewhere close to my sub 30 goal for this year. I don’t really remember seeing any KM markers until 3K, and I knew I was over half way through.

Before I knew it 4KM was on us, and with a vague notion of how long I’d been running for I thought to myself that I wouldn’t be close to my 30minute goal for the year. I finished the race feeling strong and pleased with my effort, but with no real idea of my time.

The goody bag given to us was probably one of the best I’ve ever had – three drinks, samples and plenty of snacks including a pink lady, my favourite! The queue for the finishers t-shirts moved quickly and before I knew it I was back with all my colleagues discussing the race and looking forward to our free pint from the Fullers bar.

The following day I found out I finished the race in 30:05, a PB for me, but gutting that I was just six seconds shy of my sub 30 goal. If I’d worn my watch I’m sure I could have pushed myself harder for six seconds, or tried to find a more efficient non people dodging route through the crowds. But, I can’t change things and I know now that sub 30 is definitely achievable on a flat-ish course in the near future!

I had a great experience at the race, it was brilliantly organised, an interesting course with plenty of support on the streets and it was great to feel part of a team with my colleagues as opposed to normally racing on your own. I can’t wait to have another go at it next year!

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