What I eat in a day:: the weekend edition

We’re on a bit of a health kick in our household. The excesses of the festive season rolled over into the grey and rainy January and before you know it I’m not feeling or looking my best. So I’m upping the exercise and enlisted the help of a couple of friends, plus Weight Watchers, to help me get back to my best.

Weekends are usually the hardest for me. My routine changes, and with so much more time at home the temptation to snack is high! So here’s what I ate last Sunday, when my new health kick motivation was at a high!

Breakfast on Weight Watchers flex


Two grilled bacon medallions, two poached eggs, some grilled mushrooms and a handful grilled cherry tomatoes.

This took about ten minutes to put together and felt very indulgent for a Sunday. Following the current Weight Watchers Flex plan this meal is free.

Lunch on Weight Watchers Flex


Pasta, chicken breast, wholegrain mustard and low fat creme fraiche.

A quick and easy meal using up a leftover chicken breast I cooked on Friday. I mixed in a couple of tablespoons of low fat creme fraiche with a spoon of wholegrain mustard and cooked about 60g of wholegrain pasta. Again, this was ready in about 10 minutes. And came in at 8 points following the Weight Watchers Flex plan.

Dinner on Weight Watchers Flex  Dinner

Cottage pie with a side of broccoli and cabbage.

What an unappetising photo! Seriously, how do these food bloggers do it when the food is a) hot and steamy b) falls apart when you take it out of the dish! This is an old favourite from back when I followed Weight Watchers before and had some success at shedding the lbs! I think this works out at about 6 points following the Weight Watchers Flex plan. It’s a super generous portion for the points and when paired with some extra veggies it’s very filling.


Two glasses of wine.
A ramekin half –filled with mini eggs
A Weight Watchers cake bar (not nice at all!)

All in all, not bad for a weekend when I normally get tempted with a take away or meal out! Sweet stuff is always my weakness, and if it wasn’t for my sweet tooth this day would have been spot on!

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