If you’ve been reading through my blog you’ll see that I’m pretty active, but I certainly never used to be like that. At primary school I used to suffer from ballet-itis and would be sent home on an almost weekly basis for feeling unwell, and found doing sport wasn’t something I felt comfortable doing. When I moved onto secondary school I didn’t feel comfortable in my every changing body, and never found a sport that clicked, I dreaded PE lessons up until I was 15 or so, when we started doing yoga and boxercise, which I loved.

By the time I got to University I was pretty unfit, but this newfound freedom and masses of booze around me quickly started making an impact on my waistline, and so I joined the gym to try and get on top of things. I didn’t really use it all that much, and actually found it quite intimidating, being surrounded by super fit Uni sportsteams training. In the summer of my first year I discovered my University offered a wide variety of classes, which I loved, and went to them on a regular basis. I also dabbled with the C25K, but didn’t keep it up for long.

In my second year of University I joined the gym again. This one was a local gym, close to home and best of all, pay as you go! I first tried spinning here and got instantly hooked! I started running a little bit and felt myself improving but it was in stops and starts. I also carried on with pilates classes.

In my third year of University whilst in Italy my intentional exercise was low. I joined a gym for two months, but again it was intimidating, expensive, far from home and had funky opening times. But the town I lived in was very hilly so I got fit from doing a lot of walking up and down hills.

In my fourth year at University I started to go to the University gym more regularly, going early in the mornings and showering there. I found this routine really worked for me. I also fell in love with BodyPump classes and Zumba! The more I went to the gym, the fitter I found I was getting! In the spring of 2011 I decided I wanted to get serious about running and trained for a Race for Life 5K. It was great and I loved it! After that I was on a running high and signed up for a half marathon. However, I didn’t think it through and with University finals pressure, travelling, moving, a new job and so many other pressures I didn’t devote myself to training and dropped out.

Since leaving University four years ago I’ve come on leaps and bounds in my fitness, completing many events and races, including a triathlon, duathlon and even a marathon in April 2015. I’ve got a good routine with plenty of variety, mixing running with group activities six days a week, and I have agroup of supportive friends to train with, and I’m loving it!

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