Giving up chocolate for 40 days

Giving up chocolate

I have never successfully given up something. Never! If you read back through my blog far enough, you’ll see a spate of posts where I make a bold claim that I will be giving up something, usually sugar or chocolate. You may then find one, or a maximum of two, follow up posts, followed by silence!

And the reason for the silence?

It’s because I will have failed on my bold promises!

But as I sat at my desk at lunchtime today I decided to give giving up something another go. Although I’m not a religious person and so am not following this for ‘lent’ reasons, I think it’s good to challenge yourself sometimes. And giving up chocolate will definitely be a big challenge for me!

Why chocolate?

Well, if you could be diagnosed for being a chocoholic, I seriously would be. I honestly don’t think I go a day without having chocolate. And if I do, I’m constantly thinking about it! And if I can’t have any, the thoughts get even worse! And I’ve been known eat a family size bag or bar of chocolate in rapid quick time. Eating a rather embarrassing amount of chocolate is definitely not doing anything for my waistline either!

So, as I only decided this at lunchtime today, I have already had some chocolate today. I told you I was bad! Which is a good job I’m not properly following lent! So my 40 days will start tomorrow (2 March).

What’s included and what’s not?

Well obviously chocolate bars, but also chocolate biscuits, hot chocolates, chocolate puddings and desserts. Basically, anything that has chocolate in the word or chocolate as an ingredient!

Have you ever given up anything before? Any tips for me? What are you giving up this year? Or, reassure me and tell me you’re a chocoholic too!

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