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A few weeks ago five of my favourite blogging girls and I decided we would do our own little secret santa. Coordinated by the lovely Emily from Midday Thunder, we each had a budget and a plan. I won’t share who I had for my present buying just yet, but I had a really fun time buying her a present so I hope she likes it!

2013-12-12 18.54.19

2013-12-12 18.55.40

When my present arrived I was really excited to see it. I immediately jumped on our chat to see whether or not we were allowed to open them early, general consensus was yes!

2013-12-12 18.57.36

What a great present!! If you’ve been following my Christmas gift series you’ll know I bought a lot of jars, and this is the most perfect gift. I’ve recently got into foraging after my sloe picking experience, and I can’t wait to try out the recipes in this book. And it means I won’t have to keep bugging Bess with questions on how not to poison people sterilising my jars, and knowing what to put in them.

Thank you Santa, I love it!

Santas and their blogs:

Alice @ The Cup and Saucer

Ellie @ Mantra Pixie

Bess @ Thoroughly English

Emily @ Midday Thunder

Jenny @ Sunny Sweet Pea

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