2017 goals

2017 goals

Firstly, happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a fantastic time yesterday whether you were out celebrating or having a quiet night in (a bit like me!).

As you would imagine, I’ve been thinking about my 2017 goals over the past few weeks, and 1 January seems the right time and place to document what I hope to achieve over the coming year. It’s a pretty long list, so realistically I know I probably won’t get through all of them, but I’d like to give it a good go!

In no particular order….

Join a running club. I want to get better at running, more consistent, stronger, a better technique, and faster! I’m hoping that by joining a running club I’ll achieve my next two goals, and maybe make some more friends.

Run a sub 2:15 half marathon. My current half marathon PB is 2:20, so I’ve got just over 5 mins to shave off.

Run a sub 30 at my local parkrun. My local parkrun is a tough hilly course, and I think a real measure of improvement of my fitness and speed will be getting a sub 30 on this course.

Do more yoga. It makes me feel better, both mentally and physically, so it’s a no brainer really!

Do more parkruns. I have only done parkrun a handful of times and there’s at least four within a 10 mile radius of my house, so no excuses really not to go and run more.

Grow my blog. I feel like my blog has been a bit neglected over the last year and I’ve been pretty busy. A few times this year I’ve thought about packing it all in, but I do enjoy it, and it is something I want to continue with. I want to start interacting more with readers, people I follow and other bloggers.

Blog at least twice a week. Hopefully not too unrealistic a goal, it’s not every day, but hopefully I can set aside some weekend or an evening to draft two posts a week.

Return of the cookbook challenge. A couple of years ago I set myself a cookbook challenge, to cook 26 new recipes over the course of the year from my collection of cookbooks. Well, since then my cookbook collection has grown a fair bit, but many of the books sit unused. This challenge is a good incentive to try new things in the kitchen and be more adventurous.

Save money. We’ve got some big plans for our house in 2017 and this will all mean money, so my goal to save money will go towards doing up and redecorating the house. Anyone know a plasterer?

Clean up my diet. Try and cut back the sugar, chocolate, cheese, and all nice but no-so-good for you things that have become frequent in my diet.

Finish my quilt. I’ve been working on my quilt for goodness only knows how many years(!!) and I’d like to finally finish it this year!

Learn to use my camera and actually start using it more. I bought myself a fancy camera a couple of years ago and I only really use it on the automatic mode, so I’d like to get out of that habit and start taking better photos.

What are your goals for 2017?

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