The Sky Garden, Fenchurch St

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Calling itself the UK’s highest garden, with views 360 degree views of London and an eye level view of the Shard, The Sky Garden is a garden in the very loosest sense of the word. James and I went to London one Sunday afternoon to visit after seeing it advertised back in January. I’m not really sure what I expected, and after seeing some of the not so glowing reviews I didn’t have the highest expectations, but I honestly expected more ‘garden’.

Plants travel up either side of the entrance to the ‘garden’ surrounding the Darwin brasserie on the top floor, allowing visitors to walk around the garden and enjoy views from different angels and heights. I was expecting more plants to be honest, but perhaps because it’s quite new the garden hasn’t had a chance to establish itself yet, and overtime there will be more, but there wasn’t too much space given to the plants either.

However, considering it’s free to visit as long as you book in advance, the views of London are incredible, and I imagine if you visited later at night you’d be in for a treat to see London lit up and twinkling – how romantic. The cocktail bar on the lower level of the garden was a pleasant surprise, especially as you could just hover and grab a table, no need to book. James and I ummed and ahhed over the various exotic sounding cocktails, and eventually plumped for a beer (hers) and cider (his) to sip and enjoy whilst overlooking the shard.