Recipe | Leftover roast chicken pie

2014-10-07 20.13.45

Last week I posted about the delicious roast dinner I made courtesy of Jamie O. I had so much chicken leftover, as Jamie promised, I knew I needed to make something good with it! Jamie gives a few different suggestions in his book, so I gave J a choice: chicken pie, chicken stew and dumplings, or chicken risotto. J went for chicken pie, so I did a bit of googling for chicken pie recipes, and honestly the recipes I found weren’t really what I wanted. Nearly all the recipes featured a creamy sauce for the filling, and as someone who avoids dairy these were not appealing. Instead, I decided to make it up and go with the flow!

You’ll need:

Leftover chicken (the more chicken you have, the bigger the pie and the more mouths it will feed)//just roll puff pastry//bisto chicken gravy granules//an onion//two large carrots//two sprigs of fresh thyme//splash of milk or egg//bag of frozen peas//olive oil//

Fry off your chopped onion in a glug of olive oil until it softens, and boil the kettle. Add in the two sliced carrots, the shredded chicken and the leaves from the thyme. Give it all a good stir to let the flavours mix. Make up the gravy to about half a litre and pour into your pan, along with a good couple of shakes from your bag of frozen peas. Allow to bubble away and thicken up, then pour into your pie dish.  Roll out your pastry until it’s wide enough to cover your dish, ours only needed a little roll. Place on top of the dish, and then trim off the edges. Leave a little extra on the edges, as it does shrink up. Cover the topping with a splash of egg or milk wash (I used milk), then pop in the oven for 30 mins or until golden brown.

I served mine with a big dollop of mash, more peas and some leftover cabbage. J took more to work the next day with him and said it tasted just as good second time round.