5 things that make me happy right now

Christmas tree

Putting up our Christmas tree in our house. We had all the little lights on and a nice Christmas candle and it feels so festive right now.

Kate Spade Christmas thermos

Getting to use my Kate Spade festive thermos. I got this from Macy’s while we were in New York and I have been waiting for 1 December to crack it out!

Hot bubble baths. Before this week I cannot remember the last time I had a bath, but I’ve had two this week and they were lovely. I’ve since topped up on Epsom salts and more bubble bath so I can have one at least once a week.

Homemade Christmas wreath

My Christmas wreath. Yesterday Megan and I went foraging for wreath leaves and then made our wreaths with several glasses of mulled wine and some Christmas music. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, it was pretty easy to do.

Yoga. I’ve been going to a few yoga classes since we got back from New York and I’ve been really enjoying them. I’ve chosen different types of classes from dynamic yoga through to yin yoga and after a busy few weeks they’ve been just what I needed to chill out and get a good stretch.