Training recap:: 13 – 19 July

Another pretty good week of training, and I managed to fit in a weekend session too, although not the 8 miles I should have done, it was better than nothing! Next week I need to step up the mileage and start to make things longer.

Monday. Double work out day. X-fit in the morning, tabata style. Followed by a speedy 3.5 mile run in the evening.

Tuesday. Impromptu circuits session with a colleague. high knees, speed skaters, sit ups, wide stance squats, side jumps. 45 secs on, 15 secs rest, 1 min recovery between rounds – 3 rounds, simple yet effective.

Wednesday. X-fit assessment day. I improved or stayed the same on all the different areas. I need to work on a couple of bits though as my numbers are significantly lower than others I work out with.

Thursday. Runch club. 20 x 100m reps, which I was averaging about 25/26 seconds on, over a mile that’s just under 7min/miles. In the evening I did a Pilates class and we used a foam roller, which made me think I must get mine out more!

Friday. X-fit warrior class. Lots of punching and sparing, it was good fun!

Saturday. Rest.

Sunday. 6 hot miles, which felt slow and lethargic, ave 10:30min/mile. I listened to the new Serial follow on podcast ‘Undisclosed’ which helped pass the time.