My weeks in sweat | 5 January – 25 January

 2014-11-29 09.31.54

January was always going to be a tricky month for me with exercise. Well actually, with life in general. I work for a company that sponsors an event four hours from home for three weeks in January, which I help in organising, and as a result I spend much of the month living in what can only be described as a cruise ship on land. This is also the reason the blog has been silent for two weeks. Anyway, trying to catch up on things, here’s how I’ve done (or mainly haven’t done), with exercising!

Monday 5 January – Xfit to start the year off which was excellent! I love my 7am sessions with the crew. In the evening I went to my first ever Pilates class, which is convieniently local to me, and I loved it.

Tuesday 6 January – 2 mile RUNch in the pouring rain, where it was just too slippy and slidy and I didn’t feel like I got much out of it.

Wednesday 7 January – Rest

Thursday 8 January – RUNch club with a 3/2/1 session. Probably one of my favourite RUNch club sessions, run for 3 mins, turn around, rest, run back for 2 mins, rest, and run for 1 more min to try and beat yourself back to the start.

Friday 9 January – Xfit. Can’t remember what we did, I think it involved 200KB swings though!

Saturday 10 January – 12 miles in the rain and wind. It wasn’t pleasant, but I got it done, and learnt I needed to fuel more.

Sunday 11 January – A lovely long walk around Box hill, followed up with a delicious roast dinner at a local pub.

Monday 12 January – Xfit in the morning, followed by Pilates.

Tuesday 13 January – 3 mile RUNch where I felt super slow compared to my colleagues, but I made it to the top of the hill without stopping!

Wednesday 14 January – 3 miles on a treadmill, in, yes, sub 30 mins!!! It was hard, it was horribly hot, but I did it! Treadmill workout done at the gym at the site I was working at.

Thursday 15 January – Work

Friday 16 January – Work

Saturday 17 January – Work

Sunday 18 January – Work

Monday 19 January – Pilates, which served as the perfect stretch out from lots of driving, heavy lifting and general laziness.

Tuesday 20 January – Off

Wednesday 21 January – Off

Thursday 22 January – RUNch club, 10 hill sprints plus 3 relays of the football pitch

Friday 23 January – Work

Saturday 24 January – Walk down to the beach for 30 mins

Sunday 25 January – Work


Not bad, but not on plan either. I missed two of my scheduled long runs, including a 14 miler, and actually didn’t cover much ground. I feel a little behind on my marathon training plan, but hoping to resolve that this weekend!