Current training and half marathon prepping

Training plan

Last week I feel I really nailed it in terms of happy training. I’m loving the routine I have going on at the moment, but now I have more free time I’m also looking forward to adding a few more runs to my schedule in preparation for my next half marathon in September.

Last week looked a like this:

Monday:  30 minutes of x-fit. Increasing from by 1 rep each round, a kettlebell floor-to-ceiling followed by a ‘downward dog pressup’. I used a 12KG kettlebell for this session.

Tuesday: Followed Charlie’s ab routine at lunchtime which had me seriously sweating!

Wednesday: 35 minutes of x-fit. 5 minutes of one rep of the following exercises, followed by a two minute rest, then two minutes of each exercise, and so on until you’re completing five of each move in one minute for five rounds. Single handed kettlebell swing//downward dog pressup//kettlebell floor-to-ceiling//pressup. I used a 12KG kettlebell.

Thursday: 12 x 200m RUNch club. I still can’t get over how fast my reps are now compared to what they were, definitely super speedy for me! In the evening I did an hours Pilates which gave me a really good stretch and more core and toning.

Runch club splits

Friday: 40 minutes of x-fit. AMRAP of increasing squat thrusters with kettlebell, five burpees each round and then a 200m hill run. I used a 16KG kettlebell for this, and it hurt!

Saturday: Rest


Sunday: 5 mile plod around the deserted streets enjoying a new podcast.

For half marathon training I’m planning to follow the training plan from Nike’s running app. I’ll be sure to share a weekly round up for you, and so I can track my progress more. Based on my Nike 10K time last week I’d love to aim for a 2hr15 half marathon, but I know I’ve got to put in a lot of work to see any results!


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