How active are you?


I consider myself to be a fairly active person. I work out 3-4 times a week and I live close enough to work that I can walk. However, I’ve recently started wearing a pedometer day-to-day and its made me rethink just how active I am.

On a fairly active day including a walk to the shops at lunchtime I don’t even rack up the recommended 10,000 steps a day, even when adding my walking commute. I don’t wear my pedometer whilst I’m out running because I’m worried it will fall off (I keep it attached to my bra strap), so I don’t know how many steps a 5k would be. Even a trip to London sightseeing for the day amounted to less than 16,000 steps, which I was really surprised at considering the amount of walking I felt I did!

Knowing how few steps I take each day, especially the days when I don’t even more from my desk, I can’t even imagine how many steps someone who drives to work, and only sits at their office all day long achieves. The pedometer has made me try to make a more conscious effort to get up and move around during the day more, even if it’s to go and speak with a colleague instead of writing them an email.

My pedometer is from Weightwatchers, and it beeps at me when I earn another point which is also very motivating, although it does make you appreciate how active and how much fitness you need to do to maintain a good healthy figure and still eat well! Over winter I think it will be even harder to try and stay active when it’s cold and rainy outside, especially at lunchtime on my RUNches, but I’m determined to keep hearing my pedometer keep beeping at me to say I’m earning points!

Do you think you’re active? Have you ever worn a pedometer?