Fitness catch up w/c 18th August

2014-08-20 06.37.58

Running at 6am has it’s rewards. A beautiful sunrise.

There’s not many weeks to go until my duathlon and half marathon, and I’ve decided to try and really make the most of the last few weeks of training. Here’s how I did…

Monday. Inspired by my pep talk the previous weekend I attempted some speed training. 3 x Yasso 800 repeats, each around 4:39 mins. I hadn’t really done these before so wasn’t sure quite how much to push myself, but I think I could probably go a smidge faster.

Tuesday. Rest.

Wednesday. 4 miles out and back. Think it took just over 40 mins,which I was pretty pleased with as I felt I pushed myself. My Garmin had a funny five minutes though so I don’t have my exact time.

Thursday. Hill crawling. I wanted to go out and do some hill reps but the girls at work had other ideas. Instead they wanted to try running up this really steep hill! I would say it was more of a crawl and scramble than a walk for me, it looked like a cliff face from the bottom. However, the rest of the run was done at a sub 10min/mile pace so that was pretty good!

Friday. Rest.

Saturday. 11 mile long run. Went out with a friend from work, the first few miles were a good solid pace and then my legs started to feel really heavy and lost steam. Overall pace average was 11:33min/mile, so I’d be pretty happy if I could do that for the half, or maybe a little faster. But I’ve heard the course is pretty hilly, so we’ll see..! Saturday afternoon I helped P move into her new house, lots of boxes moving and lifting up and down stairs.

Sunday. Rest.

Overall a pretty good week. I didn’t get out on my bike but this week I’m definitely going to get out on it at least three times, with one brick.