What’s next for my fitness challenge?

It’s been a month since I finished the Reigate half and got another PB, and five weeks since London Duathlon. I’d spent all summer training for the two events, every weekend dominated with a long run and a bike ride, and so when I finished last month, I felt completely lost. I immediately started talking to friends about what my next challenge should be, I started googling new races, and honestly, I felt a little lost without a purpose to my running.

Thanks to my really great running and work colleagues, it wasn’t long for me to find a new challenge to get my teeth into, and now in fact I have two, possibly even three.

  1. Hit sub 30 at my local Parkrun. Hitting sub 30 has been a goal of mine since January 1st, and in the summer I got so close finishing the City Race in 30:05. The week after Reigate half and did my second ever Parkrun, completing the course in 31:59. Two days later, paced and encouraged by a RUNch buddy, I did the course in 31:40. My RUNch buddy has promised to push me hard to reach my goal, and I’ve been loving doing some of my RUNches with him. At RUNch normally I plod round a 5K course, but now I really feel like my body is working hard and I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone, which feels good!
  2. Build up my core and work on strength training. I’ve recently started going to some x-fit sessions run by a chap at work. The first session it was me, three guys, a step and a 12kg kettlebell. Honestly it ruined me for a week after, and was a truly humbling experience. Having run a half marathon, I’d consider myself to be fit, but now I realise running is only one type of fitness, and sadly it is not transferrable! Half an hour of press ups, kettle bell squats and box jumps later I felt energised and motivated, especially having been told that I have ‘little upper body strength, and absolutely no core strength’. I’ve been given homework of planking and dynamic planks to build up my core, and I’ve been doing them every other day. I’ve already noticed an improvement in my times. The chap at work runs the sessions a couple of times a week, and they’re definitely the motivation I need to get out and train and have fun.
  3. Hit sub 60 in a 10K. This one will come as I work towards my sub 30, but I just need to find a well timed 10K race to enter and get this one in before December 31st!