If we were out for a coffee…

priory pond

I love the ‘if we were out for a coffee’ I’ve seen on other blogs, and as I’ve been so absent from my little corner of the interweb I thought it would be a great way to catch up and hopefully get me back into more regular blogging.

If we were having coffee together I’d tell you London marathon is only a couple of weeks away and I have mixed feelings about it. I’m excited, I hope the atmosphere really lives up to everything I’ve heard about it, but I feel like maybe I’ve let myself down a little bit with my training. The first half of training I felt very motivated, but as the runs have got longer I’ve struggled to motivate myself. Although I’ve run a 20-miler, I’ve missed a few of my other long runs, and not done all my midweek runs and speedwork. which meant I maybe would be aiming for a better time than I am. A good friend, Pete, told me that your second marathon is your hardest, as you know what you have to do and it’s not new and exciting, and it gets better after that. He was right, and I hope he is right when I start thinking about marathon number 3.

If we were having coffee right now I’d tell you I have only got a month left in the flat I’ve called home for the last three years. The last two years, with Amy and then James, have been fantastic and I love this flat, I’ll be sad to leave. But I move on to new and exciting places – first three months with James’ parents to save up some money, and then, onto our first house together. James and I put an offer in on a 2 bedroom house on his 32nd birthday (his lucky number) and it was accepted! I’m so excited to have a place to call our own and put a real stamp on, plus, a garden!

If we we out for coffee I’d tell you about my new job. I’ve been there about four months now, and every week I’m still learning new things and finding new challenges to overcome. I like my new team a lot, and I really like the way that everyone is so opening to trying new things out, to see what does and doesn’t work, it’s exciting. It was an interesting decision for me to make, to take the new job, but I’m glad I did.

If we were having a coffee together I’d tell you how grateful I am to have you as my friend. Whilst I feel like I’ve got a good group of friends up here, I’m still not at the hey, it’s 3pm, fancy doing something tonight stage with everyone? The truth is I like my own company, and I find myself getting more and more nervous about putting myself in situations where I’m out with other people, and that in itself makes me nervous.

Speaking of nervous, if we were having coffee, I’d tell you how nervous I am about the wedding cake I’m baking in May. My good friend, Hathers, got engaged last year and I jokingly said I’d make his wedding cake as my wedding gift. Well now the time is nearly upon us, I’m officially in ‘the spreadsheet’ and I’m nervous about how I will pull it off. Hathers and his Mrs want a lemon drizzle to serve 20, a carrot cake to serve 15 and a coffee and walnut to serve about 8, plus a dillionaire’s shortbread. I have no idea how big a cake tin I need to serve 20 or 15 people, but I better start finding out!

If we were out for coffee I’d tell you how guilty I feel about neglecting my little corner of the interweb, how I have so many ideas for it, but I come home every night to a to-do list as long as my arm and I struggle to make time for it, despite having so many ideas! I honestly admire women who can fit it all in, please share your secrets with me!

I think for today we’d have just about finished our coffees, with an opportunity to ask – what’s new with you?