Easiest roast chicken ever


I have always been put off cooking a whole chicken in the oven. I’m always worried about it being too dry, or knowing when it’s cooked. But, this my friends, is a game changer. I was talking to a friend recently who said about how she cooked a whole chicken in her slow cooker and that it was delicious. Now, I don’t know about you, but I always thought cooking things in a slow cooker needed liquid to stop them from drying out for hours on end whilst cooking, but the truth is, you don’t!

Simply scruntch up four or five balls of tin foil to about the size of golf balls for the chicken to rest on (so it doesn’t cook in the juices that drain out of it), coat in your herbs or spices of choice and pop the lid on for eight hours on low. My favourites so far are peri peri spices and garlic and oregano.  After your eight hours are up, take it out, pop onto a tray and put under the grill for ten minutes if you like your skin crispy. And voila, the easiest, juicest, tastiest roast chicken ever!