Autumn to do list

keep calm and love autumn

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Life has been pretty hectic this year, and is only just showing signs of slowing down. In the first part of the year I’ve trained and run my first marathon, finished studying with CIM, moved in with James, and socialised a lot. As the weather has started feeling more autumnal, I’ve started thinking about what I’d like to do this autumn.

*Complete the front side of my quilt. I think I’d be a bit optimistic to say complete the quilt in it’s entirety!

*Start scrapbooking my memories since school. I recently found a load of old photos from school and Uni, and thought a nice way to display them would be in a scrapbook. I’ve bought the scrapbook, I just need to start the organising and sticking!

*Make some more jams, chutneys and a batch or two of piccalilli. Every Christmas I give friends and family a hamper of homemade goodies I’ve made throughout the year. I’ve already made a few bits, but I have a lot of fruit in the freezer given to me by colleagues I need to use, and have had a few requests for piccalilli which I made last year!

*Go on more daytrips in the local area. Recently I’ve been enjoying getting out in the afternoon at weekends to explore new places in the South East, and I’d like to continue this.

*Go for an autumn picnic. I love the idea of going for a walk, wrapping up warm and sitting somewhere for a picnic with a flask of hot chocolate.

*Learn to take better photos with my camera. I got a new camera last Christmas and as I’ve been so busy I haven’t used it and practiced with it anywhere near as much as I’d like to. Day trips, walks and other activities should provide plenty of opportunities for me to practice.

*Blog more often and comment more often. I always have so many ideas for blogs, but little time to sit down and write. I want to try and make more of an effort to blog, covering lifestyle, fitness and food (all things I love and read myself), and share what I’ve been up to.

*Experiment more in the kitchen. Sweet treats and savoury meals. I’ve got in a real rut with cooking recently, and have lost a bit of my enthusiasm for it, which definitely hasn’t helped with my weight loss efforts. I want to get back into the kitchen and try more things, meal plan more, and use my cook books more.

*Try a new make up look and hair style for work. I wear the same make up for everything, changing from day or night with a different eye shadow. I also have about four hairstyles I rotate, and rarely get out of my comfort zone. I’d like to try some more looks, and particularly time-saving hair ideas for when getting ready at work after x-fit or runs.