My favourite Christmas memory

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Hmmm, yes, I know it’s only October but already everywhere I look Christmas is starting to creep in, and my housemate and I have already discussed our decorating plans for the flat! I was recently contacted to see if I wanted to participate in Transun’s campaign of Christmas memories, and it took me all of about 2 seconds to think of mine, so I decided to take part.

When I was younger, and still into Barbie dolls, my parents, brother, grandparents and I went off to France for Christmas. I remember being very excited, especially as I knew all my presents were safely wrapped up inside my Grandma and Grandad’s car. We stayed in a beautiful gite somewhere in the north of France, and I even remember my grandparent’s friends giving us a Christmas cake to enjoy while we were out there.

We celebrated Christmas on the 24th, with a big family meal, I think we had gammon instead of the traditional turkey, and my brother and I got to open all our presents a day early. I remember getting a pogo stick, a red Barbie extendable car, a Barbie pop up house, and a Barbie wardrobe. It’s fair to say I was pretty Barbie obsessed!!! I seem to remember my Grandad being particularly interested in the Barbie car, he had a thing for cars!

The reason for us celebrating Christmas on the 24th? On Christmas day we got to go somewhere truly magical – we spent the day at Eurodisney! I don’t remember all the details from the park, but I do remember certain snippets that really made the day special and has stuck with me!

1. We had fish and chips for lunch. For a family that has turkey every year, having fish and chips was so exciting!

2. It snowed. On Christmas day. Snow on Christmas day is the ultimate, isn’t it? But it never actually happens. But somehow Disney made it snow on Christmas day, which was definitely pretty cool.

3. There were real reindeer. Again, what do you think of when you think of Christmas? Well, Disney managed to give me my first glimpse of real reindeer, pulling along Father Christmas, which brought all my Christmas stories to life!

Image source: Pinterest