Training recap:: 29 June – 5 July

Hot weather exercise gear

Last week was a busy one with a few things throwing my routine off but I still feel I managed to get a few good workouts in! It’s been a hot week so I’ve been wearing my sunnies and making sure to hydrate plenty and that’s been my staple gear!

Monday. X-fit session – The ’300′. Decreasing by 10 each round it started with 50 press ups and 50 kettlebell cleans where I used a 16kg kettlebell for the whole session. I’m definitely getting stronger!

Tuesday. Sprint training. At this session we focused a lot on technique, using drills with a ladder, and sprinting up to a max of 50 meters, focusing on cadence, arms and knee height. It was good to bring it back to basics and refocus on technique.

Wednesday. X-fit session – ‘Shoulder vinadaloo’. 30 kettleclean cleans, 250m sprint, 20 kettlebell squat thrusts, 250m sprint, 10 press ups, sprint and then repeat four times. For the first time in a long time I didn’t come last in an x-fit session, which is definitely an achievement for me.

Thursday. Runch club. Relays in teams of 3 doing 20 100m sprints each. I was completing my 100m in about 25seconds each time, fairly consistently, which I think worked out at less than a 7min/mile?! Crazy crazy crazy.

Friday. Walking around and working at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Not a particularly sweaty high intensity day but on my feet all day and certainly got my fitbit step count up!

Saturday. No exercise but I still managed to hit my fitbit steps which is unusual on a non exercising day.

Sunday. No exercise but a lovely stroll around one of the Surrey Hills towns, Shere. A lovely way to spend a few hours on Sunday afternoon!

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